20-30 min old!

We now have two new baby goat kids! Our Gabby was pregnant when we got her in late April…or was it early May, anyways, we weren’t really sure how far along, or if she was pregnant at all when we got her. But she started getting wider as the days went on and we were sure she was pregnant. We just didn’t know when the kids were due. We started seeing some signs that she was getting close. She started moving slower, the area under her tail started protruding out and she was laying down a lot more. But a day or two before she had the kids, she was as lively as ever. So we figured she still had a ways to go.



I was out in the garden on Friday night picking lettuce and kale for dinner. I had been out there for about 10 minutes and I heard this loud high pitch balling. I knew it wasn’t one of the four goats. So I ran up to the pen and saw Gabby with her two new little ones! I was SOOOO excited to go and tell my boys. I ran to the house and shouted for Charles to come out and see the new babies. He popped off the couch so fast and ran to get his shoes on. I think he was just as excited, if not more so, as I was.

We gave the whole procedure a real “hands off” approach. We figured that animals have done this in the woods for thousands of years before man ever got involved. Gabby has been a good momma. Soon we will start milking her o see what kind of milk she will produce. If its not much, or not real high quality, then we will cease to milk her and try the new kids after they’ve kidded. We think that Gabby was bred with a Nubian but we aren’t sure. If she was, then these two new girls will be better milkers.

"Momma, what's that 2-legged feathery thing?"

So now we have 6 goats. Its been a long road. I kept saying we were going to have goats for years, now we have 6. We decided that we will most likely butcher one of the original 4 boer goats. If we have any male goats in the future, they will be our meat goats, or sell them off.