A barn near me with an appropriate sign on the neighboring property. It has since collapsed all the way.

Here we go….yet another business idea I’d like to pursue! How many of you have driven by an old barn on its last legs? A collapsed barn? Do you realize how many family dairy farmers are going out of business these days? Its a sad thing but a reality. One of the assets that they can cash out on before they sell the farm is the old barn. The lumber composing that deathly gray looking beast is worth some good money. It has gotten to be quite the style to reclaim the old lumber and make furniture, flooring  or structural pieces out of it.

Looking at sites like this gets my blood pumping with excitement and inspiration! This is what I want to do! My next  task would be to see how profitable it is to do. It’s one thing to enjoy a type of work, and quite another to have the resources needed and make it be worthwhile. Any one can do something and have it just cost money. So, I am looking in to it on just an “interested” basis to see how others have made a go of it.

Barn beams I used in my own house. Just for looks.

This topic also reminds me of a beautifully colored childrens book that my son loves called “Barn Savers” or something. It just illustrates a day where a boy accompanies his Dad working on reclaiming an old barn before it falls down. I gotta go dig that book out again….here is the site of the man that the book was written about. I am contacting him to ask questions and so on. Come back later for an update post about him and his business.

Finished....a few years ago